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Procuring Cochlear implant services for children with profound hearing loss from developing countries

Our Mission

Cochlear LaBioWorld Corp®, as a biosocial enterprise, aims to provide Cochlear Implant Biomedicalization for Servicing Disadvantaged and diagnosed Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children of Africa* and Developing World. 

Candidates between 6 months and 2 years old are accompanied with their parents to receive cochlear Implant (CI) in the USA before returning to home country for CI activation and therapy in their native culture. The implant activation will occur through Telemedicine and Telehealth or Telepractice. The process of hearing and speech therapy will be performed by local professional medical practitioners and eHealth.

Cochlear LaBioWorld Corp® is a Biosocial Enterprise that aims to transform the conversational abilities of Cochlear Implant recipients and enhance their quality of life. The enterprise relies on open system technology, physical and virtual assistance for Cochlear Implant biomedicalization. It also promotes biological and biomedical engineering impacts on human development of developing country through charitable sustainability and generous effort.

Three kids playing with bubbles outside on the lawn
A product photo of a Cochlear device

Continuous Care

Our involvement doesn’t begin or end with the Cochlear Implant surgery. We work to create a preoperative culture shock-free zone in cochlear implant care providers for a short-term period of surgery. We also work with a postoperative center in the recipients’ native countries for Cochlear Implant tele-activation and hearing and speech therapy. This use of telemedicine allows us to keep costs down. Finally, a group of local, professional care practitioners assures the follow-up through data collection and bio-management to build up a biosocial community of end-users.

Follow Up

Follow up with recipients through the therapeutic center for quality of care (QOC) evaluation, issue investigation, public school integration, school customization, and equipment supply, rising recipients self-esteem, validate native language production, conduct international language production (French or English) for CI user bilingual skills, provide a scholarship for high education in the care provider for in-situ evaluation of recipient quality of life (QOL) outcome, and voice of costumer (VOC) input for the research and development of cochlear implant technology of the future.

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Contact Information

Victor Ambila, Biomedical Research Eng., Ph.D.
Founder, President, and CEO of Cochlear LaBioWorld Corp®
“LaBioMonde Cochleaire asbl®” (French)
Mobile: 857-247-7880
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Becky Ambila, BS Administration; MS Health Communication
Marketing Director of Cochlear LaBioWorld Corporation, Business Administrator & Health Communication Director
Mobile: 857-326-8935
Email 1:
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Nathalie Tshibanda, MD, Ob/Gyn, ORL interests
Executive Director of Pilot Project in DRC (“LaBioMonde Cochleaire ASBL®”)
Mobile: 243-81 217 5990 (DRC);
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Cochlear LaBioWorld Corporation logo

About Cochlear LaBioWorld

Cochlear LaBioWorld Corp® (LaBioMonde Cochleaire ASRL®) is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit and 501(c)(4) Public Charity Organization aimed at providing Cochlear implant biomedicalization for servicing disadvantaged deaf and hard of hearing children in Africa* And the developing world. We provide telemedicine & telehealth assistance for post-implantation therapy of hearing and speech delivery in recipients’ home countries.

Formation: 2014 (under construction)
Type : NPO (Non-Profit-Organization) and a Public Charity
  • Foundation
  • Deafness remedies through technologies
  • Cochlear Implant & its Awareness
Humanitarian Headquarters: Watertown, MA, USA
Region Served: Africa, Asia, South America
President, CEO: Victor Ambila, BM R. Eng. M. A. Sc. E.E. /Ph.D. Biomedical engineering Management
USA Members:
Board Chair: Victor Ambila, BM.R.Eng. /PhD
USA Members:
• Board Chair/USA
• Executive Director/D.R. Congo Project
• Administrator-Clerk/USA
Budget: xxx $/3 years (see Module 5 meeting Ref.11192018)
Staff: x,xxx projected people worldwide 

Pilot Project Budget Updates

Graph showing the pilot project's total cost

Pilot Project Year Zero: Launch Budget

Graphic showing the Pilots Project's Annual Costs

Pilot Project Program Budget: Establishment Annual Costs/USD

Pilot Project Program Budget:
Furnishing the Premise & Supplies Annual Cost/USD

Graphic Showing the Student and Teacher Annual Costs

Pilot Project Program Budget: Student & Teaching Annual Cost

Program Budget: Administration, Annual Cost/USD

Pilot Project Program Budget: Human Resources

Pilot Project Program Budget: Human Resources

Graphic showing Pilot Project Total Operational Budget

Pilot Project Total Operational Budget from Cochlear Implantation (25%) to a 3 year follow-up Post Implantation (75%) under $750,000/year or a total of $2,250,000 USD